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‘Wild Garden’ is a collection of fine art landscape photography created by Peter Gordon in Ireland’s County Wicklow. Using traditional film cameras Peter has spent five years trying to create a collection of images that does justice to the mood and atmosphere of this beautiful part of Ireland. The work takes the viewer through a range of moods, sometimes uplifting, sometimes melancholic, simply reflecting the atmosphere of the landscape and the light that describes its beauty at a given moment. Moving through the seasons Peter sought out specific combinations of light and colour in an attempt to show the transition of change in the county. Sometimes sleeping out in -14 the creation of the image always took precedence.

All imagery has been captured on traditional analogue film cameras utilising various formats of 35mm and medium format transparency (or slide) film.

The ‘Wild Garden’ book and exhibition will launch in The Centre for Creative Practice's, Pembroke Street, Dublin 2 on October 6th 2011. Just visit ‘The Book’ or ‘Gallery’ section to purchase books or fine art prints.